Get to know the people that help you with your electrical issues.

Mr. Electric is a franchise of The Dwyer Group. The franchise Mr. Electric Birmingham North  was bought by Jeff Longley in August 2008 and it has only gone from strength to strength since then. Mr. Electric Birmingham North always make sure its staff are the best for you, because you cannot give great service without great saff.  

The team at Mr. Electric will always be polite and do their upmost to solve your electrical issues as quickly as possible, customer service is our priority.

If we can help, we will.


Meet the team!


Jeff Longley - Franchise Owner


Jeff is the franchise owner of Mr. Electric Birmingham North. He has worked as a business manager for many years, spanning a variety of businesses. Including a previous franchise for The Dwyer Group. 


The Electricians

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The electricians at Mr. Electric will provide the best electrical knowledge and customer service. With some who have even done extra training to provide certain products like, Cosy, Nest, Tado and O2 Home products. 


 The Office 

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 The office staff at Mr. Electric are the cogs that keep Mr. Electric going. They're probably the first people you will talk too about you electrical concerns. Leading the Mr. Electric team to you for a safe and reliable service.



 Altogether this is Mr. Electric Birmingham North, we are hard working team, ensuring your electrical needs are met. Working 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


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