Electrical services we provided at Clue HQ



Using our in-depth electrical expertise, Mr. Electric set up and wired new, improved escape room challenges at Clue HQ. Our job is to ensure the puzzles faced by Clue HQ customers are working safely and securely so they can get on and enjoy the game. 

After completing this electrical project at Clue's Birmingham branch, Clue HQ then approached Mr. Electric to complete the electrical work at their Manchester site. This involved similar work with the creation and installation of electrical solutions for a set of new escape rooms. 

CLUE HQ host a variety of escape rooms in which you and one to five other people have to find clues, solve puzzles and, using the items you may find, ESCAPE!

These fun escape rooms cater for a wide range of audiences, whether just family and friends having a day out, corporate team building to strengthen your business, or schools or youth clubs wanting to try something a bit different!