This brand new range of electric radiators is totally eco-friendly. Made from marble agglomerated into beautiful natural stone pieces and available in 24 different colors, these electric radiators look less like storage heaters and more like Italian designer works of art.

Interior Design is Vital

Livingstone radiant heating

When it comes to interior design, the WOW factor doesn't have to be limited only to furniture and art work. Thanks to Livingstone Radiant Heating, your practical fixtures can also turn heads.

This brand new range of Livingstone electric radiators are totally ECO-friendly and made from a recycled product – marble agglomerated into beautiful natural stone pieces of art, in 24 different colours, that don’t look like a radiator at all…

If you have a stylish bar or trendy gastro pub, the designer radiators come in a range of colours and styles, from passionate red to dramatic ebony black, with beautiful greens, browns and bright yellow or orange colours that will add drama and style to your rooms.

The painting on the wall is a radiator!

Hang them above the bed, or on the wall as a set of pictures. In fact, you can have any famous painting or Old Master printed onto the front of it; matching and co-ordinating with every style of hospitality venue.

Country pubs can have pictures of The Haywain by Constable, or Van Gough's Sunflowers, and an historic hotel can have portraits of kings and queens and replicas of the famous battle paintings and landscapes.

livingstone designer electric radiators

With Livingstone Heating® it is easy to reduce your energy costs, thanks to the use of intelligent, high technology, digital control systems.

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