Balneum, Sophia and Needo designer towel heaters for the bathroom

Intelli Heat Electric Towel Rails are designed and manufactured in Italy, built to create a fantastic finished product. We are totally confident that our heating products are the best quality and value for money available. Class II - IP44.

The Ultra Designer NEEDO electric towel rail.

 Designer NEEDO electric towel rail

Bring artistic beauty into your kitchen and bathrooms. Includes advanced built-in programmer and boost.

Needo Bathroom Designer towel heaters Brochure.


Sophia electric towel rail.

 Sophia  electric towel rail.

The new Sophia offers unrivaled warmth and beauty to compliment every bathroom. Enjoy the benefits and practicalities of warm dry towels at all times with this great affordable alternative to other bathroom electric towel radiators. Output 500w – 750w.

Sophia Brochure