Discover the advanced Eco features of Cali Sense & Cali Avanti electric radiators by INTELLI HEAT.

Cali Sense electric radiators by INTELLI HEAT

cali sense electric radiators by Intelli Heat

CALI Sense Eco Features include:

Real-time energy use readout - This shows how many Watts are being used as you use them. You can see just how much it costs to turn up the heat.

Child protection function - the Lock Protection function prevents children from pressing buttons and accidentally increasing the heat. This feature reduces the risk of heating being turned on and left on without your knowledge. 

Open window detection power saving feature - Get too hot and open a window? Cali Sense will detect this and automatically turn off the radiator in that room.

Accessible controls for disabled - These are conveniently located on the top of every radiator at waist height, so no need for anyone with restricted mobility to have to reach to the floor or behind the sofa to change the temperature.

Automatic frost protection and night time temperature controls - No need to worry about freezing while you are away for a few days, or the temperature dropping below freezing in the night. Set the minimum temperature and Cali Sense will turn on automatically, keeping your home and family safe and warm.

Inbuilt programmer control - This comes with every radiator, with pre-set choices and custom settings to set the kitchen temperature lower, the bathroom higher, and bedrooms to suit each member of the family. No more cold spots or being too warm in any room as a result of a thermostat in the hallway.

Visual power use display - See exactly how much power is being used with a constant read-out of Wattage use. Once each radiator reaches temperature, the Watt usage drops while it radiates the heat.

Comfort setting - Set your desired minimum temperature in each room and leave Intelli Heat to keep the room within 0.2 degrees of your desired temperature.

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