By Matthew Hunt on 05/08/2017

Electrician in Birmingham:Mr Electric Talks to Matthew Hunt CEO of  Matt:e Voltage Optimisation Units 

It has always odd  just how the world of power and energy saving is Governed and adopted.

Ariund 8 years ago I approached one of our District Network Operators (DNOs) and told them I had developed a Torroidal Transformer for use in both homes and commercial  Voltage Optimisation, increasing energy savings even more, Their reply really surprised me at the time, as you get older and hopefully wiser you begin to understand the animal you are dealing with. They said, ok Matt so what you are offering us is a piece of equipment that will actually cost us money to implement but more importantly will reduce our profit margins going forward! We are here to sell energy not save it.

 As you can imagine they did not implement my Voltage Optimiser.

We also developed a little unit that sits in the base of a lamp post for street lighting, this is a wonderful little product that automatically switches between grid and reduced voltage mode as applicable after the lamp has warmed up and as tests showed saved over 20% on Electricity consumption, urika we thought, surely the Councils/highways would jump all over this! oops again, no, apparently local councils pay for the amount of lights at a given wattage as it is un-metered, so the fact we were saving 20% of consumption had no effect on what they paid. So rather than put our little device in that saves energy and increases the lifespan of the existing lamp they would rather replace the whole lamp post with an LED solution at over 15 times the cost to the Tax payer.

As you can imagine they did not use my Lamp post Energy Reduction device.

Still we stuck with our belief that the products were an important part of managing our failing grid and doing our little bit towards saving the planet despite the idiosyncratic ways of the powers that be and focused on the private sector.

I live close to the local DNO transformer and my incoming voltage is 250v-252v, a friend of ours lives down the hill in our village and his voltage is 240v-242v, why is it ok for his Electricity bills to be on average 10% lower than mine using roughly the same amount of electricity, maybe this is the next big PPA type claim that will hit the UK, FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

We have subsequently became the largest Domestic Voltage Optimisation Manufacturer in the UK, utilising all British Parts and assembly despite our Government departments and Electricity providers, indeed one of the largest DNOs has only this year admitted that by reducing the Voltage by 1% will give an average energy saving of 1% to the householder.

Take my word for it, our Government Departments or energy Companies will not assist you in the slightest, help yourselves and reduce your Voltage to negate your increase in Electricity bills, fit a matt:e Voltage Optimiser,

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